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Gibson interview

October 21, 2006

MEL GIBSON should win an Academy Award for his performance on "Good Morning America" ["Gibson Has a Lot to Sell" by Tim Rutten, Oct. 14]. The whole interview reeked of insincerity in an effort to refocus public attention on the real passion in his heart -- promoting his risky new directorial effort, "Apocalypto."

Gibson is an embarrassment. He had a chance to be honest, and he blew it. I would have had more respect for him if he simply said, "Yes, I hate Jews. I can't help it. You would too if you grew up with a Jew-bashing, Holocaust-denying father like I did."


Los Angeles


MEL GIBSON has changed no one's life but his own. No one will hate Israel because an actor got drunk and acted stupid. We hate because our hearts are bad, not because we are part of a fan club. Get over it. He is not a murderer or a child molester. He could be prejudiced, but if you shun everyone who's prejudiced, you will be very alone.


Waxhaw, N.C.

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