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October 21, 2006|CASEY DOLAN

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"Still Searching"

Senses Fail


Artist info: Crunchy with heart seems to be the emo-core credo and Senses Fail subscribes wholeheartedly. Singer James "Buddy" Nielsen writes very personal lyrics backed with the customary chugga-chugga of the genre. Constant touring (three Warped Tours in a row) and the video for the single "Calling All Cars" have helped this band achieve a higher profile.

Back story: Nielsen began this emo-core outfit in 2001 by posting inquiries on the Internet. Guitarist Garrett Zablocki responded, quickly followed by drummer Dan Trapp, guitarist Dave Miller (later replaced by current guitarist Heath Saraceno) and Mike Glita, ex-bassist for Tokyo Rose. The band released an EP in 2002, selling more than 250,000 copies and creating a strong Web presence. Intensive touring followed and the band came to the notice of Drive-Thru Records. The original EP, "From the Depths of Dreams," was remixed and released with a new track in 2003. Label switching ensued and Vagrant Records released "Let It Enfold You" in 2004. "Still Searching" entered the Billboard chart at No. 15 on Wednesday with first week sales of 49,000 copies.

Influences: The Promise Ring, Agnostic Front, Saves the Day

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