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Boy, it's awful being 6-0

October 21, 2006

Bill Plaschke [Oct. 15] seems irritated that USC is not blowing people out this year, as the Trojans have in the past. Any real fan of the program knew they were going to have a quasi-rebuilding year. Leinart, Bush and White had been there three years, along with key linemen. Plus, they still had some of the Norm Chow system they used to much success.

Who wouldn't have seen this coming? Mr. Plaschke, that's who. Next year's team is the potential BCS champion, not this year's.


San Diego


I am so tired of USC fans complaining about the USC offense. Just look across town if you want to complain about a woeful offense: UCLA scores more field goals than touchdowns. Or look up north to Stanford, which set a school record for futility, amassing 56 total yards in offense in a loss to a weak Arizona team.

It's time for USC fans to shut up and be grateful that they are still undefeated and still in good shape to make the BCS championship game.


La Canada


My assessment of the current USC football team:

12-0: A sure BCS title bowl berth -- Extremely unlikely.

11-1: A sure BCS bowl game -- The best reasonable hope.

10-2: Probable BCS bowl game -- A hope.

9-3: Holiday Bowl -- A possibility

Advice: Team, heal thyself!


Los Feliz


We true denizens of Troy huddle together against the shock of a harsh fall wind and forlornly contemplate a suddenly hostile landscape, the specter of defeat pressing forward, resolute and unyielding. The wise among us will counsel the others: It has become a matter of when, not if.


Newport Beach

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