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Morning Briefing

TV didn't break on through

October 21, 2006|Lisa Dillman | Times Staff Writer

Now it can be revealed: Jim Morrison once had creative differences with a baseball game.

An old interview of Ray Manzarek of the Doors by radio talk show host Terry Gross of "Fresh Air" was replayed Friday. The keyboard player spoke about when a Dodgers-loving engineer dared to bring a TV into the studio during a recording session of "Light My Fire."

"Jim comes out of his vocal booth, and he starts dancing around," Manzarek said. "He's having a great time. Then he comes over to the TV set and sees the TV set and looks around and notices that it's on.... He freaks out, 'Why is a TV set on in the recording studio?

"Jim picks up the TV set and unplugs the thing and hurls it at the control room.... Hits the control-room window -- thank God, the control-room window is double-thick glass. Bounces off the control-room window. Falls on the floor and shatters into 500 pieces. That was the end of the session."

Two thoughts: Obviously Morrison didn't realize the Dodgers were in a pennant race, and he was smart because, after all, you should always unplug a TV set before hurling it.

Trivia time

"Light My Fire," released in early 1967, was recorded in September 1966. How many victories did the Dodgers have in the 1966 regular season?

Saw it coming

News: Oracle reached a 10-year naming-rights deal with the Arena at Oakland, home of the Golden State Warriors, and in shocking news, the building will be known as the Oracle.

Second-guess: The place always was a vision. Maybe Dionne Warwick of the Psychic Friends Network can be the franchise celebrity.

All in the family

Relatives of Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson had better be afraid.

Very afraid.

Not only did he suffer a broken collarbone in last Saturday's victory over Iowa State, but his mother, Bonita Jackson, broke her ankle playing basketball at a family gathering.

"It was crazy," he told reporters Wednesday. "I told my mom, 'This is a day we won't forget.' ... It was a crazy weekend."

Maybe the family should consider board games.

Trivia answer

Ninety-five. The Dodgers were 20-9 in September 1966, won the National League pennant, then were swept by Baltimore in the World Series.

And finally

Boxer Shannon Briggs, in a Showtime conference call this week, was asked why he thought heavyweight champions were coming from Russia and neighboring countries.

"I think a lot of kids in America, the black kids, they are playing other sports -- basketball, football -- and other things, rapping, hip-hop," he said. "So to them, why make money getting hit when 'I can go out there and make it in other ways?'

"You do not have those big lucrative contract guarantees in boxing. You have all these unscrupulous managers and promoters, so people are not dying to become a professional boxer."


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