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Write On Me

September 10, 2006|David K. Israel

With the opening of so many tattoo-removal parlors around town, you'd think the epidermal art fad was on the decline. Not with celebrities: Heather Locklear, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were among those freshly inked this summer. Jolie is known to have at least a dozen tattoos, including the latitude and longitude coordinates of the countries where her adopted children were born. We have it on good authority that some other famous names are planning to go under the needle soon to have some catch words and phrases indelibly applied:

Jennifer Aniston--Team Me

Barry Bonds--756*

Thom Mayne--If I Build It, They Will Come

Gray Davis--I Don't Recall

Ice Cube--H2O

Michael E. Brown--UB313

SpongeBob SquarePants-- Created By Stephen Hillenburg

Bo Derek--X

Cindy Sheehan--Let's Beat Around The Bush

Mel Gibson--Shalom!

Larry King--Frada (removed) Mickey (removed) Arlene (removed) Sharon (removed) Julie (removed) Shawn

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