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SAG Chief's Dramatic Lines Heard 'Round the World

September 15, 2006|Richard Verrier | Times Staff Writer

No doubt they are some of the more dramatic lines actor Alan Rosenberg has ever delivered.

The Screen Actors Guild president teed off on fellow member Laird Stuart by e-mail last week after Stuart urged actors to reject as inadequate a new contract Rosenberg helped negotiate governing work in commercials.

"You realize, I hope, that you are not terribly bright," Rosenberg wrote Stuart, a former guild national vice president. "Nobody cares about you or what you think. Go find a place to molt, you sorry excuse for a human being."

Rosenberg's e-mail came to light when Stuart copied it to thousands of members. Stuart could not be reached.

Even by the standards of the notoriously fractious SAG, Rosenberg's remarks were unusually pointed, reflecting his frustration over criticisms from some former supporters.

Rosenberg acknowledged that his response "wasn't terribly professional. I wish I had taken him up on the issues. I sent him a personal e-mail. I had no idea it would be sent out to 17,000 people."

Despite the war of words, SAG members are expected to approve the contract this month.

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