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Identity Theft Charges Filed

A Perris man, already accused of beating his wife into a coma, allegedly used her name to get money to pay bills and buy a house.

September 15, 2006|Maeve Reston | Times Staff Writer

A Perris man charged with beating his wife so severely last year that she slipped into a coma is now accused of stealing her identity while out on bail to pay his bail bond and attorney's fees, and buy a house in San Bernardino County.

Rashod Danyea Anderson, the 31-year old father of two and owner of Eliminator Carpet Cleaning, has been charged with 13 new felony counts, including identity theft, forgery and dependent abuse, the Riverside County district attorney's office announced Thursday. He was charged last year with attempted murder and domestic violence in the case involving his wife.

Anderson's 54-year old mother, Valerie, is accused of conspiring with him to defraud the wife, Theresa Beard, and has also been charged with identity theft. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Beard was admitted to the hospital in July 2005 with severe head trauma from wounds that detectives said were inflicted by her husband. She lapsed into a coma, and a month later Anderson was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

His lawyer could not be reached for comment Thursday.

In calls made from the Riverside County jail and recorded by jail officials, Anderson allegedly instructed his mother to forge his wife's signature to make him co-owner of their home in Perris, which she alone owned. His mother had already begun moving furniture out of the couple's home, officials said, fearing that Beard's relatives would take it.

Anderson was released from jail in mid-September on a $500,000 bond.

Ten days later, he applied for a credit card in his wife's name, the first of many attempts to access her credit, according to investigators.

In December, the Perris home was refinanced. Investigators allege that Anderson arranged to have $224,250 in cash from the deal electronically deposited into his wife's savings account, for which he had signing privileges.

Though she had been in a coma nearly five months, they said, the refinancing documents were signed by a "T.P. Beard," who was listed as employed by a defunct company once owned by Anderson's mother.

The employment verification phone numbers listed on the forms for Beard, according to investigators, were linked to Anderson's parents.

Anderson used the refinancing money to issue two cashier's checks totaling $112,000 to himself and his carpet cleaning business, as well as two checks totaling $60,000 to his parents, according to court documents.

Investigators said Anderson also used part of the money to pay $27,000 toward his bail bond on the attempted murder charge, $10,000 for his criminal attorney fees and $18,000 for a home in San Bernardino.

He also tried to get a $16,000 car loan in his wife's name in August but was denied after turning in false documents, they said.

Anderson, now being held on $1-million bail, is scheduled to appear in Riverside County Superior Court on Sept. 29. His mother's preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 25.


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