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New Season, No Survivors

September 17, 2006|David K. Israel

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, "Designing Blind," a home improvement show featuring a blind interior designer, recently premiered on A&E. Yes, it seems Hollywood executives continue to hunger for the next "Survivor." And in order to captivate jaded viewers, over-the-top isn't just preferred, it's a prerequisite. Word has been leaking off studio lots that the following loglines and shows are already being considered:

Project Flashlight: Kids on summer break play tag after sundown

Easy as Pi: Mathematicians battle in no-holds-barred bake-offs

Smother-in-Laws: Couples are forced to live with overbearing in-laws

Atlas Hugged: Ayn Rand enthusiasts come out of the closet

E=RUN-D.M.C2: Rap stars face off with theoretical physicists

American Idle: Lazy couch potatoes sit around doing nothing

The Dead of Knight: Jousters compete until they expire

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