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L.A. Panel Reaffirms Muslim's Award

But controversy shrank commission's support, and abstentions outnumber yes votes.

September 19, 2006|Teresa Watanabe | Times Staff Writer

Hathout, he said, had been endorsed by scores of prominent and diverse faith leaders who had worked with him for years.

Meanwhile, Commissioners Ray Bartlett and Judy Coffman, who previously supported Hathout, were absent Monday.

Commissioner Eleanor Montano, who earlier endorsed Hathout, abstained.

Before the vote, the county counsel's office advised the commission that there was a "sufficient basis to have concern" that it may have violated the state's open meetings law in selecting Hathout during two July votes. As a result, the commission began its meeting by first voting to rescind those earlier actions.



How they voted

The Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission voted to present local Muslim leader Maher Hathout with a humanitarian award despite controversy over some of his criticism of Israel.


Adrian Dove...As board president, Dove only votes in the

event of a tie.

Businessman and writer

Ray Bartlett...Absent

Former Pasadena police detective

Donna Bojarsky...Abstained

Founder of L.A. Works, promoting volunteer service

The Rev. Zedar E. Broadous...Yes

Newspaper publisher, president of the San Fernando Valley chapter of the NAACP

Vito Cannella...Abstained

Retired postmaster for city of Montrose

Tong Suk Chun...Yes

President of World Cultural Sports Foundation

Judy Coffman...Absent

Real estate agent and civic volunteer

Mario Ceballos...Abstained

Human resources consultant

Susanne Cumming...Yes

Attorney and part-time judge

Albert DeBlanc...Yes

Legal analyst and consultant

Kathay Feng...Absent

Executive director of California Common Cause

Rebecca Isaacs...Abstained

Executive director of Inner City Law Center

Lea Ann King...Absent

Civic volunteer

Eleanor Montano...Abstained

Civic volunteer

Source: Los Angeles County Human

Relations Commission

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