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And Honor Thy Porsche

September 24, 2006|David K. Israel

It's hard to believe that the Cecil B. DeMille epic "The Ten Commandments" is 50, and we're still having trouble getting our arms around those directives. Living in California comes with its own rules, and, frankly, we're not much better at following them. To wit:

1. Thou shalt not drive solo in a carpool lane.

2. Thou shalt not stand in the express lane at Ralphs when you've got more than 10 items.

3. Thou shalt not erect structures that spoil another's killer view.

4. Thou shalt not bring annoying ThunderStix to baseball games.

5. Thou shalt not park SUVs in spots marked "compact."

6. Thou shalt not refer to the trades as "reading" to be caught up on.

7. Thou shalt be mindful of time spent on the treadmill when others are waiting.

8. Thou shalt not include celebrity sightings in a company's quarterly newsletter.

9. Thou shalt not cancel lunch meetings simply because it's raining.

10. Thou shalt not smoke. Anywhere. Period.

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