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The Big Twist

Bottle service is spinning out of control, with mixologists-for-hire, $3,000 plates of pasta and more.

April 15, 2007|Betty Hallock | Times Staff Writer

What the bottle buys you: The right to order a dinner package for $1,000 to $3,000.

Who's been lately: Donald Trump, Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams



Choice bottle: Grey Goose, $395

Most coveted table: The one across from the DJ booth and next to the dance floor in "Area Five"

The scene: Lindsay Lohan might be in the DJ booth spinning Terence Trent D'Arby while the young and short-skirted, the boys chasing them, and those who can't get into Hyde hit the big-club dance floor or lounge on the Barcelona sofas.

The DJs: Samantha Ronson, DJ Vice, Michael Stone, DJ Homicide

What the bottle buys you: Tack on a $250 "upcharge" and you get a mixologist at your table, making watermelon cucumber margaritas or "burning mangos."

Who's been lately: Bruce Willis, Playboy Bunny Karen McDougal


The Penthouse

Choice bottle: Whatever

Most coveted table: A "cabana" booth farthest from the bottleneck crowd at the restaurant's elevator entrance

The scene: A rowdy, rag-tag bar scene in the glammed-up, beach-theme penthouse of Santa Monica's newly boutique Huntley Hotel (are they looking for the old Toppers?). The crowd spills into the dining areas; some find refuge in certain nooks, but it's all excruciatingly loud.

The DJs: No DJ, just the thumping that pours out of a sound system.

What the bottle buys you: A table in a gauzy-curtained booth with drop-dead, 20th-floor views

Who's been lately: Luke Wilson, Jessica Biel, Maria Bello

-- Betty Hallock

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