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Internet aids case against scam suspect

A chef starts a website to connect alleged victims and to warn about 'Kat.'

April 15, 2007|Ashley Surdin | Times Staff Writer

Though posters have anonymity on the site, there is no such luxury for Legaspi and her associates. Adonae Langlois of Venice, who worked for a month and a half as Legaspi's assistant, found her photo and cellphone number posted on the site.

"I think it definitely goes overboard," said Langlois, 27, who added that she also lost money to Legaspi.

"Half of the time when I try to post my comments with my side of the story, the whole story does not get on there," she said.

Andras has no sympathy. Langlois "could have warned me" about Legaspi, he said. "She didn't."

Nelson Papucci and his wife, Ana, said the site eases the shame of being duped. The self-described newcomers to the fashion industry paid Legaspi $800 for head shots of Ana, who they say was promised $20,000 for a part in a jeans commercial.

"It's a little embarrassing to say that we were taken in by someone," said Papucci, 37, of Los Angeles. But the site "allowed us to say we weren't alone."

Andras said he has gotten hate mail from those who feel the site is too mean-spirited. He shrugs off his critics.

"I think it's worth it," he said. "Nobody is going to do business with her ever again."


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