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The dream of a simpler life

April 19, 2007

Re "Fixing the AMT mess," editorial, April 16

Why stop at the tax code and the alternative minimum tax? Since Abraham Lincoln's day, citizens have been calling for a simplification of all our laws. It shouldn't take an army of attorneys, tax accountants and other specialists just to figure out if we're allowed to get out of bed in the morning, earn a living and sleep peacefully. It isn't just the tax code that is contributing to America the Byzantine.


San Diego


President Bush and his people have shifted the tax burden even more heavily to the middle class, at the same time irresponsibly cutting the taxes of the wealthiest individuals and corporations. If we don't reverse this policy by responsibly allotting the tax burden and reviving public services, we are destined to join the sinkhole of Third World economies. And when we lose the middle class, we will have effectively lost democracy, which depends on it for life and vitality.


Sherman Oaks

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