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Walking Felix the Cat backward

August 01, 2007

Re "It's your history, but it's our sign," Opinion, July 26

Darryl Holter misstated the role of the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission in approving historic cultural monument status for the famed Felix the Cat rooftop sign and showroom.

The commission does not make the final determination on such designations: The Felix nomination still requires approval by the full City Council. Historic designation in Los Angeles also does not ensure that any building "will remain in place in perpetuity." The commission may only object to a demolition permit for 180 days. While the commission gives great weight to the arguments of property owners, our responsibility is to assess objectively whether proposed sites meet the city's defined criteria for historic designation. The giant Felix the Cat sign is unquestionably a significant visual icon of Los Angeles. Monument status would not freeze Felix in time; it would merely open a dialogue to begin determining its future.

Mary Klaus-Martin


Richard Barron

Vice President

Los Angeles Cultural

Heritage Commission

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