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Tax smokers for littering too

August 01, 2007

Re "Outcast tax," editorial, July 28

I support the state Senate's plan to add 61 cents to the existing 39-cent federal excise tax on a pack of cigarettes to pay for the state Children's Health Insurance Program. As long as we are targeting smokers, let's add a per pack "litter" tax to finance the cleanup of the cigarette butts that pollute public areas.

While I sympathize with smokers who attempt to quit, I feel disdain toward those who feel entitled to discard their butts out the car window, in the park, at the beach, on the sidewalk, etc.

Or better yet, how about enforcing the existing litter laws with respect to this class of offenders?

The proceeds can finance the above-mentioned insurance program.

Cheryl Caris

Pacific Palisades

I bitterly resent your gratuitous insult to lawyers by including us in your editorial as burdens to society. May your tribe decrease.

Volney V. Brown Jr.

Dana Point

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