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August 02, 2007

Join the discussion

Speak out on the big issues facing Southern California. Do you agree with the new ban on smoking at L.A. parks? What do you make of the Getty's decision to return artifacts to Italy?

Bottleneck Blog

Do certain cars seem to attract the worst drivers? One L.A. blogger swears drivers of Ford Mustangs are among the most annoying. Can that be right? Do you have a favorite?

Daily Mirror

The Times' Larry Harnisch takes us back to the Los Angeles of the 1950s. He spins the tale of a rabid 2-year-old fox terrier mix who went on a rampage that started at Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue. The dog bit five people before a police officer shot it to death.

Homicide Report

The Times' Jill Leovy chronicles homicides in L.A. County. She reports that the number of homicides in Los Angeles County has gone up sharply in recent days, a typical late-summer surge.

Breaking News

For breaking news, in-depth reports on major Southern California stories and resource guides covering local restaurant closures, presidential campaign contributions and myriad other topics, go to The Times' California home page.

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