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Rob Corddry

August 02, 2007|Michael Flaherty

Since his "Daily Show" days, the funnyman has had his own sitcom (Fox's probably-not-coming-back "The Winner") and become a go-to character actor in a slew of big-screen laffers. He's currently featured in the film "The Ten," a star-studded series of vignettes inspired by the biblical commandments. Corddry, 36, talked to us about prison sex and the rigors of the fake-news biz.

Is "The Ten" a takeoff of Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski's "The Decalogue"?

Only it will take just 90 minutes of your time as opposed to 10 hours.

The cast is huge, including Paul Rudd, Liev Schreiber, Jessica Alba, and Winona Ryder -- a sort of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World" 2007.

You left out one "Mad." But exactly.

Tell me about your segment.

It's probably the most important, the commandment being "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife." It takes place in prison. I'm the "other man" who's coveting [costar] Ken Marino, who [belongs to] Big Buster . . . I win. In the end, I get the girl. It's very touching.

Ever miss "The Daily Show"?

In theory. I owe those guys everything I've gotten since. But in practice, it's a hard gig.

It seems like the correspondents do, like, one segment a week. Doesn't seem so hard.

Well, the studio stuff, the stuff on the green screen with Jon [Stewart], was a blast and easy as pie. But the field pieces were just beasts to shoot. We'd have to go out to some horrible place and interview some idiot -- and were it not an idiot, I'd essentially have to make fun of them -- and it sort of chips away at your soul a little every day.

Coming up you're in "Semi-Pro," another Will Ferrell "Let me try to make fun of this sport" movie. What's your role?

It's a basketball movie. I play Woody Harrelson's ex-wife's new boyfriend, and I have a huge crush on Woody, so it's hilarious.

Again with the homoeroticism?

That's my thing.

How's your wife feel about that?

She's very patient.

You're also in "The Heartbreak Kid" with Ben Stiller. I'm thinking you play the best friend…

Yeah. I'm basically a plot device, the guy who says, "Go ahead, Ben, do that crazy thing." Which is good -- as a catalyst for action, they'll need to show me in the trailer to tell the story.

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