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Varying degrees of night vision

August 02, 2007

Regarding Rennie Dudek's letter about bistros for baby boomers [Letters, July 2]:

As a 65-year-old, my favorite places (on our side of L.A.) are the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and the Pasadena Jazz Institute; my next is Tangier in Los Feliz. They are not exactly bistros, and the Hotel Café and Tangier are mostly people in their 30s, but I don't feel that I am getting funny looks as if I don't belong, and I always enjoy the ambience, music, food and drinks.

John Goldingay


As a boomer who often enjoys a night out on the town, I was disappointed that you printed the letter from Rennie Dudek last week but gave no response. I always read Calendar Weekend from cover to cover and have attended many events and places I discover there. While my husband and I have recently attended shows at Staples Center, the Hotel Café, the Canyon Club, the Orpheum and Charlie O's (Rennie, take note!), I would love to see a column in Calendar Weekend dedicated to the tastes of those who are older and less hip than the folks you mainly seem to target.

Instead of "Buzz Clubs," you might call it "Old Coots Clubs" or "Where Grannies Groove." I'm sure the large crowd of folks who stood waiting for the train with me after the Eric Clapton concert at Staples Center would agree.

Susan McEowen

Sherman Oaks

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