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They're green with envy

August 04, 2007

The heading "NBA robberies gain attention" should have covered the heist of Kevin Garnett by the Celtics.

Richard Raffalow

Valley Glen


OK, so the Lakers couldn't put enough in the deal to get Kevin Garnett. How could they not offer enough? The reason is because Jerry Buss has lost his fire. The attitude of a company's leader directly impacts the entire organization.

Jerry, go on a permanent vacation and sell the team to a group who can bring the Lakers back to prominence. You just don't have the desire anymore and, please, we are getting real tired of the constant placating words.

Stan Shechtman



Losing out on Kevin Garnett leaves only Jermaine O'Neal or head case Ron Artest out there for an upgrade. If Chris Mihm is 100%, this team if healthy could win 48-50 games, but that wouldn't satisfy Kobe even if they get to the second round.

Magic caused Westhead to be fired; it's now time for Buss to choose between his best player or a competent but not imaginative GM in Mitch Kupchak. If he waits to shop/trade Kobe next year, his value goes down and we may have another Shaq situation on our hands.

Harry Bluebond

Valley Village


OK, so the Celtics got KG after all, but we got . . . um . . . oh yeah, that's right, we got nothing but a $5 increase per ticket next season.

Gee, $5 to the Lakers or $5 on a lottery ticket. Which has the better odds of winning? Good thing Chick isn't here to watch the front office waste the best player in the world in his prime. Shame on you, Lakers.

Tracy Martin

Toluca Lake


On the same day that the blockbuster Kevin Garnett trade was announced, the Lakers acquired little-known Coby Karl. Gee, thanks, Mitch. Kupchak did add that Karl is a "system player." That's great, maybe he'll get more time in the system after Kobe leaves.

Brian Haueter


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