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Aliens Kill Weekly World News!

August 05, 2007|SWATI PANDEY

After 28 years, the last print edition of the Weekly World News will appear Aug. 27. The paper's coverage combined the flat-out strange (mer-people, space aliens, deities) with a touch of politics (as in "Mother Nature Endorses Al Gore for President"). It provided endless fodder for UFO abductees, readers who believe JFK and Elvis are still alive and every fan of weird. Below, Opinion selects a few of its favorite Weekly World News headlines.

-- Swati Pandey

Amelia Earhart's Barf Bag Found in South Pacific

One Month After Their Gay Wedding Shocked the World, Saddam and Osama Adopt Shaved Ape Baby

Garden of Eden Found; Original Apple Recovered

Mental Supermen Lock in ESP Duel, then, Famed Psychic's Head Explodes

Grossed-Out Surgeon Throws Up Inside Patient

12 Members of Congress are Space Aliens

Abraham Lincoln Was a Woman (Shocking Pix Found in White House)

Man Hatches from Egg

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