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Granite but not rock solid

August 05, 2007|James and Morris Carey | Associated Press

Question: We renovated our kitchen and had a granite counter top installed. About a week after the installation, we noticed a hairline crack running across the top. Our installers offered to give us $1,000 back and told us they could polish it to disguise the crack. Is this a good deal?

Answer: Much like glass, when granite starts to crack, it will never stop. You will eventually end up with two pieces of granite. Whether the problem is an original flaw in the granite or one that occurred during installation, you have the right to get what you paid for: a granite counter top without cracks. Talk to the fabricator about getting the cracked piece replaced.


Spring for a pro to fix garage door

Question: I think the big springs on the side of my electric garage door need adjusting. Can I do this myself?

Answer: These springs to which you refer are dangerous at best and can seriously cut or injure you, or worse.

Contact a local garage-door company to send a specialist to your home, so they can safely make the repair. They have all the special tools needed.

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