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You call this wholesome?

August 05, 2007

Even though bullfighters in California's Central Valley use Velcro instead of lethal darts, this style of bullfighting is still inhumane ["Battle of the Bulls, Nicely," July 29].

Consider the terms used in your article to describe what happens to the bulls: "chokehold," "smother," "grabs the animal's tail," "spin madly."

Video I've seen clearly shows that after all that torment and pain -- especially the prolonged, hard pulling of the tail -- the bull can't stand it anymore and collapses. If this kind of mistreatment was being done to our horses, dogs or other popular animals, it would be banned. Why is it OK for bulls?

Sandra Malone

Los Angeles

I find it disheartening that you promote as "humane" an event that, without question, exploits and abuses animals. Your article encourages families to attend this, which is a disappointing message.

Ronna Siegel

Van Nuys

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