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The prison dilemma

August 06, 2007

Re "Addicted to prisons," Opinion, Aug. 1

The judges wisely and courageously ordered a three-judge panel to oversee the prison crisis, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger stubbornly and foolishly appealed, disregarding the facts that lives are being lost because of medical negligence and that releasing prisoners two weeks early or prohibiting re-incarceration on technical parole violations will not threaten public safety.

Citizens are becoming educated and no longer want tax dollars wasted on the greed-based expansions of mismanaged, disease-ridden prisons. Intelligent voters no longer condone warehousing and inhumane treatment of prisoners because we know this brings institutionalized, anti-social, disease-carrying criminals back to our communities.

Informed voters, heeding the advice of experts, will advocate crime prevention and community rehabilitation.

Barbara Christie

Arroyo Grande, Calif.

Violent felonies account for most of the increase in our prison population over the last 10 years. This while the rates for most violent crimes have decreased. The three-strikes law is working to protect us from criminals addicted to violence. I will support taxes to pay for more prisons.

Paul W. Henninger

Lake Forest

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