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Alaska criticism leaves them cold

August 09, 2007

Re "Alaska's addiction," editorial, Aug. 3

Your editorial refers to Alaskans as being "addicted to oil." I would suggest that you have it backward. Are drug pushers addicted to drugs? I thought it was the buyers who are. Alaskans are not the buyers of oil, they are the producers.

You disparage the citizens of Alaska for utilizing the natural resources with which they are blessed. We have done the same in the Lower 48 and, in fact, the world over. It enhances the standard of living for mankind, so why not do so?

Daniel D. Berger

South Pasadena


Your editorial accuses Alaskans of being eager to trash their environment by drilling in a wildlife refuge. So what's the difference between that and California trashing its environment with unchecked, runaway development? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Frank Dayton

Apple Valley, Calif.

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