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Tin ears at the GOP debate

August 09, 2007

Re "In battle of words, GOP hopefuls keep gloves on," Aug. 6

What a grand day. With the exception of one minor candidate, all the Republican candidates for president wish us to stay in Iraq. This of course suggests that when these folks proclaim they are "pro-life," they are really saying the infants we conceive today will be available in 18 years to fight their wars of choice tomorrow.

Ah, the smell of "empire" and "emperor" -- what a combination. Something to think about on election day in 2008 .

Frank Ferrone

El Cajon


I was disappointed that global poverty continues to be an issue that is not addressed -- neither by the debate prompts nor by any of the candidates. A presidential contender must step out in favor of acting against worldwide hunger and fulfilling the promises made by the United States in agreeing to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The American people are looking for a candidate who promises to take action.

Each candidate must take a closer look at America's current commitment to and potential for fighting starvation around the world and vocalize the importance of helping lift up the 1.2 billion people who live on less than $1 a day.

Catherine Banton

Los Angeles

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