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Can bias be a good thing?

August 11, 2007

I remain unpersuaded that Keith Olbermann represents a positive trend in TV news reporting ["Olbermann Keeps News in Order," by Paul Brownfield, Aug. 7]. While Olbermann doesn't disguise his liberal viewpoint in his editorials and Top 3s, his method of confirming his preexisting views with his "salon" of like-minded Beltway observers is bias masquerading as journalism.

"The Daily Show" is obviously ironic and humorous. Taking similar, biased content and presenting it "with a straight face" is indistinguishable from and arguably less professional than what Fox News is constantly accused of doing. It just adds to the trend of news content being presented in such a way that viewers tune in only to what they want to hear and are less and less exposed to differing viewpoints.

Is that a good thing?

Mark Evans

Los Angeles


YES, he can be humorous; yes, he can be sarcastic, but Keith Olbermann is also a courageous journalist in the Edward R. Murrow mode, who says what needs to be said and speaks truth to power.

For many of us progressives, watching "Countdown" is what helps keep us sane in times like these.

Donna L. Halper

Quincy, Mass.

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