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KPFK's troubles

August 11, 2007

RE "Charges Flip Back and Forth at KPFK," by Sean Mitchell, Aug. 7: As a longtime supporter and volunteer for the station (15 years), a current board member and a former station host, I'm compelled to fill in some of the gaps of your article. From her first day on the job, General Manager Eva Georgia has produced a considerable number of achievements that have been long sought by many and that are fully in line with Pacifica's mission and goals.

For example, her leadership has vastly diversified the programming to include more people of color, more young people and more progressive programmers and has provided more Spanish-language programming than ever in the station's history.

In almost any other social-justice setting, her accomplishments would be an occasion for commendation and enthusiastic support rather than for the ceaseless vilification and slander that she has had to endure. Unfortunately, as I have watched these unsupportable and very public attacks unfold, I have wondered how much of this criticism stems from the fact that Eva is a strong woman of color who does not suffer fools lightly and who has been unafraid to confront the white privilege and patriarchy that have far too long been an element of KPFK's culture.

Bill Gallegos

Los Angeles


WHILE I am in favor of diversity, all opinions are not created equal. One edition of Ian Masters' "Background Briefing" is worth a googol of KPFK crazies proclaiming a Cheney-Mossad conspiracy to bring down the World Trade Center. In a time of willful ignorance on the right, mindlessness on the left is no answer.

Richard Fancy

Santa Monica

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