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August 11, 2007

I knew Kurt Streeter [Aug. 7] was new to the sports page, but I had no idea he was also new to sports. Kurt, baseball is a competition. You know, like Monopoly or arm wrestling. The players compete against each other. Fairly.

I have no way of knowing if sex is a competitive sport for you, but for at least, well, 49% of males who take Viagra, it is not. The beta-blocking concertmaster of the Poughkeepsie Phil is not in competition with first tuba in Des Moines. And I can tell you I took NoDoz before every Western Civ. test I took in college, and maybe this wasn't fair to my fellow students but, come on, was it fair that they had read the books and I hadn't? That hypocrisy argument is a red herring, Kurt. No biggie -- just open your mouth and remove the hook, line and sinker.

Bob Warner


Summing up Kurt Streeter's lame defense of Bonds: We're all guilty, so nobody can judge anyone. Sounds like a teenager busted for pot smoking, doesn't it?

Obsessed with setting records, Barry Bonds turned himself into a cartoon. That's Barry's legacy, and there's nothing Streeter can say or do to alter that fact.

Bonnie Sloane

Los Angeles

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