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More blues

August 11, 2007

The Dodgers love to boast that Russell Martin leads all major league catchers in innings and games caught. Instead they should boast that Grady Little has lost his mind. Having your catcher start nine out of every 10 games is not something to boast of, it's something to be questioned, especially with a very capable backup in Mike Lieberthal.

Sonya Speder


With apologies to David Letterman, my top 10 reasons the Dodgers will not make the playoffs in 2007 and 2008:

10. The $39-million center fielder has a Little League arm and OBP.

9. The manager will designate Ramon Martinez as replacement for retired Kent.

8. Young talent wasted due to constantly being platooned.

7. MLB does not allow two gloves to be worn when fielding balls.

6. Olmedo Saenz will still be designated pinch-hitter.

5. Ned Colletti signing more lame and journeyman pitchers.

4. Grady Little's "little bump in road" never climbed.

3. Dodgers play like Nancy Hefley's style, very soothing.

2. Red Sox fan McCourt has forgiven Grady.

1. Grady will still be the manager.

Stan Long

Sun City

The Dodgers' recent losing streak has a simple explanation. They're just like the rest of us. They lose interest in baseball the moment the NFL preseason begins.

Mike Schwartz

Grover Beach

I guess Eddie Murray wasn't the problem after all.

Richard Kane


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