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The GOP's budget error

August 13, 2007

Re "Gov.'s agenda stuck in standoff," Aug. 9

Republicans need to be rebuffed. Why should the poor and disabled suffer further cuts so that businesses should get more tax cuts? I refer to the $1.3-billion cut to the poor and disabled in the budget, and the offer of $1 billion in tax cuts to businesses just to have their Republican highnesses pass the budget.

Enough is enough!

Raquel Brac


Re "GOP bottom line," editorial, Aug. 10

Instead of addressing their disputes with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, state Republicans are holding the budget hostage to misplaced anger over Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown.

I support Brown's fight to enforce the California Environmental Quality Act by requiring local governments to show that their growth plans will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Schwarzenegger has made our state a leader in the fight against climate change, and I implore him to support Brown's position in this extremely important matter.

Joan Irvine Smith

San Juan Capistrano

The idea that 14 Republicans are holding the state budget hostage in an attempt to weaken the California Environmental Quality Act smacks of incompetence to hold office and dereliction of duty. This is a non-budget issue.

This act is used to assess the effect of new major developments and plans on global warming. The Republicans' votes only serve their major corporate campaign contributors rather than the best interests of the people of California they pledged to serve.

To jeopardize basic services for seniors and the disabled is immoral and cruel. Climate change is happening whether our state lawmakers agree with it or not. Many of their major campaign contributors also contribute to global warming. Most Californians want immediate and substantial action taken to slow down global warming, not corporate favors handed out at the expense of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Linda Foster


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