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Steamed about climate change

August 15, 2007

Re "A mixed message on CO2," Aug. 12

Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned. But he had nothing on the Bush administration and its fossil-fuel allies -- they keep fiddling while the whole planet slides into the sauna. Are they resistant to action because they will be gone by the time the worst effects of global warming occur?

That leads to another question: Don't they have children and grandchildren they are concerned about? Obviously they do, because they devote considerable energy to fighting the estate tax. Maybe they think their descendants will be able to buy their way out of a world in upheaval.

Grace Bertalot



Would anyone disagree that the Bush administration's behavior as described in this article constitutes crimes against humanity? The scope of these destructive actions taken without concern for their effect on millions of people and the survival of the planet is truly unimaginable. There are those of us in many parts of the world who do not expect to be risen up in the Rapture, who would still want to save our planet for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and our civilization. I would like a follow-up giving more information about the lawsuit against the Overseas Private Investment Corp. and legislation pending in Congress.

I still believe this critical information belongs on the newspaper's front page, as it did this time.

Rita Sokolow

Mar Vista

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