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Rove fades into the mist

August 15, 2007

Re "Rove leaves imprint on campaign strategy," Aug. 14

Karl Rove is officially resigning his White House position. This move is obviously designed to deflect well-deserved criticism of the president. Is there anyone anywhere in the world who really believes that President Bush can run the country without Rove?

He isn't gone, he has just faded into the mist of secrecy that surrounds the Bush administration. The propaganda, the lies, the indifference toward human suffering and environmental degradation, the dirty campaigning and electoral process interference and the arrogance of the executive branch will continue unabated.

The private-citizen mask will be a poor fit. Rove's face will be visible in every action taken by Bush.

Adele Zimmermann

Embudo, N.M.


Apparently, Rove plans to hunt doves in Texas. I'm just not certain if he'll be aiming for the kind that fly or the kind protesting this illegal war. Assuming it's the former, he's looking forward to shooting an animal that is symbolic of peace. He's nothing if not consistent.

Burt Wilsker

Manhattan Beach


One down, two to go.

Murray Rudomin



Re "Stumbling out of the West Wing," Opinion, Aug. 14

One must take great issue with Jonah Goldberg's soft-selling of Rove's villainy as merely a result of Rove not quitting in 2004.

Rove's dark legacy began during his involvement in Watergate, as a peripheral player who slipped through the cracks because congressional prosecutors went after bigger fish.

Rove is seen by many as a villainous, dark shadow on the American political landscape because, for more than 30 years, that's what he has quite gleefully chosen to be.

Robert Ouriel


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