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Oil is behind Sudan conflict

August 15, 2007

Re "Resettlement or land grab?" Aug. 12

So you think that what is going on in Sudan with the influx of people from Chad is about ethnic rivalries? It's about oil.

Like the British before us, the U.S. is famous for creating straw-man conflicts to shield the corporate oligarchs from public view.

China has been giving lavish gifts and loans to African countries with oil and has particularly backed the corrupt Sudanese government while the United States has been backing the Sudanese Liberation Army and Chad.

This genocide has been a way for the U.S. to garner world support for overthrowing the pro-Chinese Sudanese regime so we can put a puppet government in place to support our oil interests.

The displaced and massacred Sudanese people suffer, all to make the corporate oligarchs richer.

Carole Lutness


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