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Can Gonzales be trusted with a life?

August 15, 2007

Re "Rule could 'fast-track' executions," Aug. 14

Considering that they approved going to war with Iraq without reading the entire National Intelligence Estimate, only an "executive summary," and adopted the Patriot Act without reading the same, it's not so surprising that Congress would adopt an extension of the latter giving extraordinary powers to the attorney general, whose credibility, competence and apparent political motivations it decries. Not surprising, just embarrassing, and evidence that Congress needs to adopt something like NCLB (No Congress Left Behind) to help it with its reading speed and comprehension. Maybe time off from its lawmaking would save all of us.

John O'Donnell

Los Angeles


It just never ends with this administration. I'm not writing this as an advocate for death row inmates. However, putting Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales in charge of their fate is truly a monumental mistake. Here is a man who clearly should not be in charge of the toilet-cleaning schedule of a public works, let alone being the decider of the demise of human life. He is nothing more than a Bush yes man and has repeatedly demonstrated his ineptitude. Putting him in charge of this project could mean the death of an innocent person.

Steven M. Levine

Manhattan Beach

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