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Will it deliver?

August 18, 2007

Apparently the FedEx Cup is harder to read than the greens at Augusta. It will name a (mythical) champion at the end of the season based upon a formula and point system played out in four tournaments that sounds similar to the college football BCS. It has a $10-million payout that is really an annuity resembling the failing lotteries across the U.S. Then there is a reseeding process that reminds me of the fact that no matter what my gardener does to the lawn, it still has weeds.

Manufactured championships are the creation of TV ratings-mongers that continue to denigrate sports to a point where you gain some new fans for a moment but lose the original base that made it popular in the first place. Got to go, FedEx is at my door, or is that DSL, UPS or the USPS?

Bob Arranaga

Los Angeles

My math may be more up to par than my golf game, but apparently unlike many players on the PGA Tour, I understood the explanation on how the point system works for the FedEx Cup.

Boo Weekley, Sergio Garcia's playing partner when he was disqualified at the PGA Championship last week, admits he doesn't "know nothing about the FedEx Cup." I guess when you rarely have to count to more than six and still confuse your 4s and 5s, anything more is absolutely positively confusing.

Paul Burns

Granada Hills

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