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Westwood woe

August 18, 2007

When Athletic Director Dan Guerrero says the athletic department was unaware that when Eric Scott was hired he had a criminal record (admitting guilt to separate misdemeanor concealed weapons charges in 1996 and 2005, and misdemeanor disturbing the peace in 2002), it makes you wonder what kind of employment screening process UCLA has in place.

Bill Hoban

Walnut Creek

What a relief that Dan Guerrero now knows all about Eric Scott's past criminal history and has informed him regarding UCLA's standards. Let's see if I understand this correctly:

Burglary, out.

Hit-and-run, in.

Lying, out.

Getting handicapped placards, in.

Got it. Now back to recruiting.

John Mark

Newport Beach

Is it not enough that the top schools made a farce of the student/athlete in the last 30 years? We now are informed that UCLA will have a thug walking the sidelines during football games.

Joseph B. Orr

Beverly Hills

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