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A Pregnancy Book for Generations

August 19, 2007

As a mom of two young children and the editor of (the online companion to Heidi Murkoff's best-selling book "What to Expect When You're Expecting"), I feel compelled to voice my unhappiness with Hilary MacGregor's article ("Unexpected," July 29). The theme seems to be that pregnancy is a hip style trend, not a physical condition that leaves even the most educated woman with questions and concerns. If the book is so "outdated" and "uncool," as MacGregor suggests, then why does it also remain a "cultural touchstone" that women are loath to part with?

"What to Expect" just regained its position as the No. 1 best-selling advice book on the New York Times bestseller list--a fact that seems to bolster our theory: Pregnant women want reliable answers to their questions from a mom whom they have trusted for more than two decades.

Sarah Hutter

Executive Editor


During my first pregnancy 18 years ago, I found "What to Expect" extremely comforting. The book gave me a tremendous sense of security and was a great source of knowledge. Over the years, I have bought it for countless friends, and it is still as relevant as ever. It is the gold standard in pregnancy books. I hope Murkoff stays true to her vision, and one day I will be buying it for my daughter.

Dana Sigoloff

Pacific Palisades

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