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Affirmative writing

August 20, 2007

Re "An abandoned cause," Opinion, Aug. 15

Why is it that African American journalists must, or feel they must, write divisively about our community and then be published in mainstream papers? The African American community, like many others, faces some serious issues. But we seem to largely accept and even reinforce the mainstream media's consistent depiction that there are scant few among us doing positive things for our community and this city.

Although many points Erin Aubry Kaplan raises about the apathy of the African American middle class have some validity, I am left wondering why stories about the divisions and problems in the African American community are consistently the only side of the story told, without a fair and balanced depiction of reality.

Let's see stories that go beyond a community's weakest aspects and depict the richest attributes and elements. I believe that there are readers of all races who would welcome a different, more inclusive and balanced perspective on the African American community. It is past time for The Times and its talented few African American journalists to tell the whole story about our community.

Blair H. Taylor

President, Chief Executive

Los Angeles

Urban League

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