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Activist went over the line

August 21, 2007

Re "Agents arrest immigration activist," Aug. 20

It's interesting that Elvira Arellano is here illegally and is demanding the rights of a citizen after breaking the law not once, but twice. I also find it interesting that she was using a false Social Security number; wouldn't we go to jail for using someone else's Social Security number?

Enough with the insulting comparisons to Rosa Parks -- she was fighting for the rights of citizens, not those flagrantly violating our country's laws.

Manny Padilla Jr.

Woodland Hills

I do not see how having a son born in this country absolves Arellano from criminal violations of our laws. She illegally entered the country twice and used a false Social Security number. How many U.S. citizens with children are in jail for criminal violations of our laws? Many, many hundreds of thousands, so why should Arellano be treated any differently?

Carlos Cuyugan

Lake Forest

There is a conservative estimate of 8 million illegal aliens in this country. Immigration officials are starting to believe that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. With Arellano's deportation, that's one illegal alien down, 7,999,999 to go. Kudos to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Tim Luckett

Etiwanda, Calif.

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