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August 22, 2007

Bottleneck Blog

A look at Irvine's efforts to build its own light rail. And speaking of rail, motorists in downtown L.A. can expect delays because of construction of the Gold Line extension to East L.A.

Join the discussion

Speak out on topics in the Southland:

* What grade would you give Sacramento for the much-delayed budget deal?

* What should be done with self-proclaimed pedophile Jack McClellan?

* What do you think about the deportation of illegal immigrant Elvira Arellano to Mexico? Is that fair treatment?

* The death of 2-month-old Baby Jasmine at a skid row shelter raises questions about whether officials could have done more to save her.

Daily Mirror

The Times' Larry Harnisch takes us back to the Los Angeles of the 1950s. The latest, a look at the Hollywood Strangler: "It's late afternoon and we're parked outside a 1926 bungalow at 4020 Holly Knoll Drive. Pretty soon the street will be full of police and reporters, but right now everything is quiet."

Homicide map

Check out The Times' exclusive, interactive map of all L.A. County homicides so far this year.

Campaign contributions

Follow the money with The Times' exclusive interactive databases. One allows you to check campaign contributions for the 2008 presidential election by ZIP Code. Another allows you to examine campaign contributions to L.A. County supervisors.

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