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May got fed up with December

August 23, 2007

Bruce Catania's column ["Too Good to Be True?" Tell, Aug. 9] really touched me. From my experience, he made a difficult but sound decision. I was 30 when I met a young-looking 47-year-old. I didn't think age would make a huge difference. He was a runner and a vegan, things I felt were signs of someone who was concerned for his health. In no time we got married and our son was on his way. Three years later, I filed for divorce. Our age difference did contribute to our problems. Of course, there were other issues as well.

But I am so thankful to no longer live with a cantankerous, whining, 50-year-old who acted like a 6-year-old.

Pamela Cohen


G.M. Abrams writes, "In the real world, 95% of the men on this planet would love to be in his position" [Letters, Aug. 16]. You are correct, because 95% of divorce attorneys thrive on this kind of union. So maybe save yourself the cash and the anger, and marry women your own age.

Amy Cavan

Los Angeles

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