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He swears he's just a 10-year-old

August 23, 2007|Mike Flaherty

The 51-year-old's journey from beloved sitcom dad of "Full House" and über-genial host of "America's Funniest Home Videos" to gutter-mouthed stand-up comedian has been one of Hollywood's longest, strangest trips. But, as Saget talked to us about his upcoming HBO comedy special, "That Ain't Right," premiering this Saturday night (the DVD will be released Tuesday), it became clear that he was always a pretty sick puppy.

The second part of your career has been spent largely upending the first part.

It's a very cathartic thing. "Full House" became a weird pop-culture phenomenon. At the end of my stand-up gigs I sing a song called "Danny Tanner Was Not Gay" to the tune of the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way." Very powerful piece.

Is that in answer to a particular allegation?

Well, if you have a bouffant hairdo and you're in a sweater vest and you're in a house with two other guys raising three girls in San Francisco, and none of them look like you. . .

Thanks to "The Aristocrats," seems people have gotten wise to who you really are.

That movie made a much bigger impact on my life than [I could've thought]. . . . I'll go somewhere now, and people will go, "Wow, man, I know what's going on in your brain and I'm frightened." Which is a gift.

Can you give me a little sneak preview of the special?

I have a whole bit about CGI characters in movies that involves ["Saturday Night Live" animator] Robert Smigel, ET, leprechauns and Shakira. I've got six minutes where I tell kids why they shouldn't [have sex with] animals. There's a lot of penis humor. Too much. I actually took many of them out.

What do your daughters think of "Dirty Bob"?

My daughters are 20, 17 and 14, and they're cooler than anybody about it. Besides, it's just words. If you have anger to those words, you should be put away, but if you're not angry. . . I'm basically a 10-year-old going, "Oh, look at all the curse words I know."

Being the narrator on "How I Met Your Mother" seems like a dream gig.

[Laughs] I ran into the head of CBS, Les Moonves, and he said, "You don't even have to shave for that!"

Aren't you glad I didn't ask about the Olsen twins?

There's just nothing to talk about. It's silly. I love them. I never laugh at mean comedy, stuff about an actress who's going to jail or who has an abuse problem. I just find it sad. [laughs] But it turns out you did ask the question.

See how I did that?

You're very, very slick.

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