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Budget is no deal for voters

August 24, 2007

Re "Mass transit takes a hit in state budget," Aug. 23

Sacramento's plan to balance the budget is absolutely brilliant: Steal the gasoline tax revenues set aside for funding mass transit. More people have to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic burning more gasoline, more gasoline gets sold, more gasoline gets taxed, creating more tax revenues that they can rob to fund everything except mass transit. It's absolutely brilliant.

Jim Bean

Los Angeles


By stealing the transportation bond money, the Legislature has ensured that I will never again vote for another bond issue proposed by state lawmakers. Why should we? That money was specifically designated for bus, rail and highway improvements, but the Legislature has totally disregarded the will of the voters. How do we know this would not happen again?

As a lifelong Democrat, I am shamed that my party capitulated to 15 stubborn, unprincipled Republican senators and allowed this theft to occur.

Transportation is not a minor issue. The improvements voted for in this bond would have made a tremendous difference in the ease of getting around in this state, but once again the will of the voters carries no weight with state politicians.

This Legislature has the nerve to approach the voters with a proposition to increase their terms in office. Fat chance.

William Vallow



I'm still not sure why compromise is such a negative word in politics these days. With California's long-overdue budget, each side gave up something it wanted in return for something else it wanted. I just wish lawmakers had come to realize the necessity of compromise, if not the virtue, two months sooner.

Kevin W. Pledger

Yucaipa, Calif.

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