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Learning from Ike

August 25, 2007

Re "Being more like Ike," Opinion, Aug. 20

Michael Korda's reasoned article took me back to a time when being a Republican didn't involve hatred, divisiveness and fear.

I did take issue with Korda's last statement, though: "Maybe it's time for somebody in the White House (and in the Pentagon) to read Eisenhower's 'Crusade in Europe.' " That time passed long ago. Now, we should impeach President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for ignoring the lessons of the past and to put an end to their war in Iraq, into which they misled our country.

John Berwick

Los Angeles

Korda provides the most bizarre commentary to date on the Iraq war. Someone had best remind him that this is 2007, and more than six decades have passed since World War II. Korda fails to mention that Dwight D. Eisenhower presided over a major war front that in four years contributed more than its share of casualties.

Ike got us out of Korea in six months? Really? We're still there more than 50 years later; plus, there's a maniac in the North with nukes. Wake up and smell the coffee, Mr. Korda. That was then, this is now.

Stuart Weiss

Beverly Hills

Korda forgot one thing about Ike: On Feb. 12, 1955, Eisenhower became the first president to send U.S. advisors to South Vietnam. Oops!

Daniel A. Thurber

Buena Park

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