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This crime shouldn't play

August 25, 2007

When youth, celebrity and wealth collide, it is certainly understandable that there is great potential for poor choices to be made. When a young person with limited life experience receives great fame and adoration, doors swing open, opportunities surface and life's temptations are constantly thrown their way. Naturally things often can and do go wrong. Many may be given appropriate consequences, then forgiven, chalking it up to immaturity and impulsiveness. Live and learn.

However, this is not the case for Michael Vick. Cruelty must not be excused on any level, period. Jail time, loss of all endorsements, and a lifelong NFL ban seem a just price to pay for this crime.

Steven M. Levine

Manhattan Beach

It was gracious of Michael Vick to acknowledge and apologize for the "mistakes" he has made.

In my world, wearing a striped tie with a plaid shirt is a mistake. Torturing and executing animals is not just an error in judgment. It's a character flaw that requires intensive psychological counseling coupled with a long prison term.

Ron Yukelson

San Luis Obispo

Not to excuse any of Michael Vick's reprehensible and criminal activity, but isn't it just a bit hypocritical for the NFL to be so concerned about the gambling aspect of the case, when a major part of football's popularity stems from the fact that the game lends itself so readily to gambling -- most of it illegal?

Gregg B. Hughes


Bill Dwyre wants Commissioner Goodell to "send a message" regarding Michael Vick. Ban him from the NFL for life. As Dwyre puts it, "This is an opportunity."

Who is Dwyre or anyone else to say that Michael Vick doesn't deserve a second chance? What he did was clearly wrong, and a year in jail followed by a year suspension and the loss of a $130-million contract is clearly a severe consequence.

If a 27-year-old doesn't deserve a second chance after that, then who does?

Douglas Douglas


Can anyone top my Fantasy League backfield -- Maurice Clarett and Lawrence Phillips at running backs and Michael Vick at quarterback?

Are you ready for "The Longest Yard 3"?

Will Valdez

West Covina

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