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Depth charges

August 25, 2007

I see where Emmanuel Moody, USC's second-leading rusher last season as a freshman, is leaving the Trojans as he apparently is dissatisfied with his playing time. "It's a business decision," he said.

And all this time I thought he came to SC for the great college education he'd get and to prepare himself for a career and professional life after graduation.

Silly me.

Bill Bell

Mar Vista

I imagine the Trojans' recruiting spin: "With 10 high school All-American tailbacks, competition in practice will be unsurpassed. It'll get you ready for the NFL. Even if you don't start, we have a great program and we'll probably win the BCS championship."

And the reality? "We have Joe McKnight who we think is the next Reggie Bush. He and two others are going to get 85% of the carries. You'll be lucky to see three carries a game in garbage time. Only three of our tailbacks from the last several years are in the NFL and we have won just one BCS championship (out of nine) since its inception."

A thought for Moody, Jamere Holland, and the underappreciated soon to leave USC (Trojans for life?) Transfer to UCLA and shine.

Jerry Arbogast


Shouldn't Allen Bradford be the one transferring schools after his comment, "I don't have no feelings on leaving right now." Perhaps a community college that offers a remedial English class?

Jeff Black

Beverly Hills

Had enough Michael Vick letters for today? Then let's change the subject to something closer to home: Frankly, I was stunned on two fronts when the preseason AP football poll came out. First, how could SC have garnered only 62 out of 65 first-place votes? My guess is that the two guys who voted for LSU and the one who voted for West Virginia were just being contrary.

Second stunner, the ranking of UCLA at No. 14. Are they kidding? If SC loses more than one game and the Bruins finish in the top 20, I'll haul out what's left of that humble pie and crow platter I ate after last year's 13-9 fluke and finish it down to the last disgusting bite.

Joel Rapp

Los Angeles

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