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No time to panic

August 25, 2007

I've just read about the largest Kleenex-Fest ("Another Blue Saturday") I've ever seen in print with regard to the Dodgers' recent downward trend. Instead of "Another Blue Saturday," the letters section should have been called Waaaa-Palooza.

Yes, the Dodgers' fortunes are turned for the moment. At the time of this letter, the Dodgers are 6 1/2 games behind Arizona. This is not an insurmountable deficit. For as much as you blast the kids, would you have shipped them all off to Texas for a short-term Mark Teixeira rental?

Would you rather be 18 games out and having only to cheer for an All-Star game and a sham home run chase that would ultimately put the home run title on the same level as the WWE title?

Folks, you need to put down the tissues, stop booing Tomko and Hendrickson (easier said than done, I know), stop beating up Colletti for at least trying without having to ship off the entire farm, and get with the team.

Albert Moreno

Shasta Lake

The question as to whether the Dodgers are serious about making it to the postseason is answered every time they send Brett Tomko to the mound: No!

Tuesday, when they could have gained a game on the leaders, they instead wasted another opportunity.

Grady Little says, "He has good stuff." Opposing batters agree.

Duane Mitchell


Wake me up when Brett Tomko is no longer pitching for the Dodgers . . . and Ned Colletti too, because he can't really be seeing what this guy is doing and keeping him on the roster.

Kevin Holten

Manhattan Beach

Ned Colletti and Grady Little have given us exactly what Paul DePodesta and Jim Tracy gave us, even what Kevin Malone gave us: a competitive team that may or may not make the playoffs and promising young players who will eventually be wearing Yankees, Red Sox or Braves uniforms.

If they make the playoffs, do not expect much. Same bad time, same bad channel.

Jesse Rodriguez

Los Angeles

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