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Lindsay's dad likes surprises!

August 26, 2007|Stephanie Lysaght

He's single, he's a Taurus, and he likes walks on the beach. His MySpace profile doesn't mention the time he spent in prison for drunk driving and attempted assault, but maybe he just ran out of room.

He's Michael Lohan, troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan's troubled father. And while plenty of celebrity MySpace profiles are phony, Michael Lohan's seems just zany enough to be real. Here are some excerpts.

-- Stephanie Lysaght

Michael Lohan

"Righting the Wrongs"


47 years old

Huntington, New York

United States



Laying by a hot fire on a cold night, with a nice cup of coffee and good company. A hot tub with the snow falling on my head while the stars dance above. Cooking dinner for my loved one(s). Surprises! Being spontaneous. Walks on the beach. Working out. Sports of most kinds (especially when it's with a group of friends), BBQ's, horseback and lots of passion and compassion.


Don't watch much! Too much garbage.


The HOLY BIBLE!!!!!!! and inspirational books, while Nelson De Mille and Laurence Sanders run distant third and forth.


Jesus Christ is my only true hero. Show me any man who could live a sinless life as He did, be persecuted like He was, suffer as He did, then give His life for others as He did and I will think again. Until then, I stand firm!


Status: Single

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

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