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Adult entertainment

August 30, 2007

I found the story regarding older adults' favorite weekend ["Adult L.A.," Aug. 23] so boring -- though these mature hipsters' voices were long overdue. Wish I would have participated in that article and shared some enlightening times.

Here I am in my 60s and I travel by myself to Palm Springs, concerts, restaurants, Oxnard beaches, book signings, wine tastings, Spanish and Italian meet-ups, go salsa dancing, and, yes, even go to happy-hour places where the young waitresses refer to me as "babe." I am kind of cute, though.

Eve Holmes


The introduction to "Adult L.A.," states that you asked "four randomly selected people in different parts of the city" how they spend their weekends. The people interviewed are from Inglewood, Altadena, Laguna Beach and Montecito Heights. Of these, Montecito Heights is the only neighborhood which is in the city of Los Angeles, while Laguna Beach is not even in our county! The story wasn't helpful to those of us living in the city itself.

Please revisit the idea with some more useful information.

Amy Shields

Sherman Oaks

Thank you so much for "Adult L.A." We are of the age to remember Jack Smith and appreciated your take on weekend activities for grown-ups. We traveled to Inglewood last weekend to visit the WPA mural across from Inglewood High, and then visited a gallery in Culver City. Only in L.A.

Kit and Ed McCormick

Mount Washington

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