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There's something about Hillary

December 02, 2007

Re "First lady was the disciplined Clinton," Nov. 27

Although Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's front-runner status is partly due to her power-building, at least as much credit belongs to the 16-year-old anti-Hillary movement. In the 1990s, Hillary bumper stickers were ubiquitous, not on Democrats' cars but on Republicans'. She had unprecedented power as first lady and a much greater presence in endless accusations on wing-nut talk radio.

Now both parties' presidential debates center on her. Republicans argue who can beat her, while Democrats battle to take her down, giving her status normally granted to incumbents.

When she wins in a landslide next year, the Clinton bashers will have no one to blame but their own crass, potty-mouth selves.

Douglas Green

Sherman Oaks


Did Clinton overlook her husband's shenanigans because it might put an impassable roadblock in the path of her own run for the presidency? Why else would she hold on to what has been reported as his repeated adultery?

The time is not yet right for a single woman or divorcee to inhabit the White House. But, with naughty Bill at her side, Clinton just might get there.

Cuthbert Carson Mann


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